Rajesh Patnaik, Founder

Rajesh is an artist, engineer and consultant. He works with children in rural and urban areas. His works are primarily focused on the development of structural education. He tries to intervene in education with art and technology and aims to provide education for all. He started his research on education since 2017 and in 2019 he started Act-ED as a project to reach out to children in rural areas.

He worked with many organisations such as Marg Advisory Services, Proact India, Utsha Foundation, Pankaja Textiles, Kala Aur Katha, Prishan Foundation, etc. He also worked as a visiting faculty in INIFD Bhubaneswar and served as a teacher in Odisha State Brigade School, Rayagada. A few projects he was involved in were Unity Projektz 2015, Bhubaneswar Art Trail (BAT-2018), Artisan Support Project 2019, Electrosteel Capacity Expansion Project 2019-20, etc.

Santosh Behra, CoFounder

Santosh is a consultant in the disability sector and a social work activist. He has masters in Social Work from Utkal University of culture in 2015. From the beginning of his professional career, he was associated with the upliftment of persons and children with disabilities. Since 2016 he has been working in the disability sector with three different organizations and has work experience from a grassroots level to change in policy level.

He currently works as a District Consultant under the guidance of Collector, Puri. Some of his major works include settling the issues of disabled children in urban slum areas of Bhubaneswar and tribal blocks of Mayurbhanj district by helping them access govt. entitlements, schools, taking part in talent shows, advocacy with the govt. regarding their matters, etc.

Nikita Subudhi, Young Poet

Nikita is a 2nd-year student of St. Joseph's College, Bangalore with triple majors in economics, industrial relations, and sociology. Hailing from Bhubaneswar she is a poetry enthusiast and a nature poet and she is a part of Bangalore Poetry Circle. She has volunteered for organisations like Fridays For Future, Kailash Satyarthi Children's Foundation and Bhubaneswar Art Trail - 2018.

Rupal Satpathy, Artist

Rupal is an artist from Odisha, currently pursuing BVA in MSU, Baroda. She has worked for Utsha Foundations for Contemporary Arts as a centre administrator and was part of various art projects, workshops and programmes. She has worked with many artists. To name a few Hannah Barnes, Awdhesh Tamrakar, In Young Yeo, Sonam Chaturvedi, Ekta Singha. Design thinking and traveling are her field of interest.

Sony Salma Priyadarshini,, M.Design (IIT Bombay)

Sony is a  UI/UX Designer, Illustrator & Artist. Know thy users. Listening to users, learning their stories & understanding them delights her. Through heer experiences, She is able to connect and empathize with the users. Putting herself in their shoes, She can feel their pain and joy - even those they are unable to articulate. She loves doing user research and collaborating with people across various disciplines to build beautiful, user-centric products.

Born in Nilabadi, Rayagada district, she is the person behind Sora Script digitization. Currently, she is working on Sora Sompeng project and education project. She aims to digitize tribal scripts and provide education through them.