Community for Community

The alarming concern in 21st-century education is that the idea of education is unpredictable. Pandemics like this completely changed the notion of pursuing education. Now everything has become digital and online starting from schools to offices. Being the largest democratic country in the world India has more than 6,40,000 villages and more than 2,30,000 villages have a population of fewer than 500, which are basically remote areas.


The soul of India lives in its villages.”


- M.K. Gandhi

Having said that, how education is equally accessible for all raises a big question. While rural areas are constantly battered with lack of transportation, health, economy, unemployment, communication, infrastructure, etc all of these factors contribute to the problems in accessing free education. Many schools in rural areas are constantly operating in an inactive status. The idea of community for community is to bring together people from different backgrounds such as artists, illustrators, photographers, travelers, engineers, architects, journalists, researchers, curators, educators, storytellers, poets, writers, entrepreneurs, athletes join hands together to reach out to the schools in rural and urban areas and restore the enthusiasm in children and people with a new approach to education


We are a group of aspiring individuals from different backgrounds and from different regions. What binds us together is the thread of ingenuity. We commonly share one vision and believe in the ideology to reshape the future and to provide a better structural, cultural, and educational environment to society and people living within it.

Despite belonging to different backgrounds our core mutual understanding brings us together as a community. A community to reach out and reignite the spark among young individuals to explore the potential in them.