Charudutta Panigrahi

Indian Thinker, Author & Futurist

Based out of Bhubaneswar Charudutta is an Indian thinker, author, poet, futurist & public policy maker. He is the founder of FIDR and a member of South Odisha Development Council. He is the author of India's first CSR white paper. Charudutta wears multiple hats and works globally. He is best known for his work in ‘public resources management and leadership.

Charudutta has an experience of 20+ years at national and international senior levels in Development Sector – in Sustainability and in varied themes like ICT for Development, Integrated Development, Health interventions and Policies, Youth Programs, Development economics, Water & sanitation and high impact Public policy, etc.

– Direct experience in government affairs/policy in diverse verticals under Sustainability like CSR, Finance, Health, Education, Innovations, Technology start-ups. Close working relations with the Parliamentarians, government, regulatory at all relevant levels.

Charudutta has worked with organisations like DFID, HPI-USAID, PWC at senior positions in India and outside. From establishing programs in India and other countries to directly working with beneficiary level groups and leading Public Policy initiatives in Health, Education, Inclusive finance and integrated development/insurance of the marginalized and leading extension agendas.

Anoukshya Hota

Photographer, Artist & Illustrator

Anoukshya is a visual art student, majored in Applied art from B.K. College of Art and Crafts, Bhubaneswar. Her interests include Photography, brand designing, and illustrations. Her style of photography captures and captivates real-life activities and it creates a dialogue between the work and the onlooker. Her work inspiration comes from exploring new places and interacting with people.

She was the lead artist volunteer in Odisha's largest public art project Bhubaneswar Art Trail - 2018. She worked with prominent artists such as Arnika Ahldag, Cécile Beau. She is currently working on Project Storytelling one of the aspiring educational projects of act-ED.